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These pages reflect my interests in travel, bicycling, running, and my family.  My wife Gay and I have been traveling a bit in the last two years.  On the travel tab you will find travelogs for our Chile, China and Australian trips.  In the Photo Links tab you'll also find the links to my Google Plus photos of these trips plus many other family and bicycling related pictures going back to 1947.

I am storing photographs taken during the pursuit of these interests on my Google Plus home page.  With a market capitalization above 300 billion dollars, Google can afford to host my photos.  Unfortunately, they set their own priorities for software development and haven't gotten around to providing a very good means of storing your photo albums in any logical sense ... so I've added links to the pages here to let you find my photos more easily.  Google (like any other social networking site) also incessantly nags you to sign up with them ... they make money depending on the number of registered users they have and the traffic they can "drive".  Hopefully, by following the links in the articles here you can see the photos without having to bother to sign up for Google Plus (unless you want to for other reasons).

I also have a tab on the home page for the ride with GPS web site.  I'm trying to induce members of my bike club (Mohawk Hudson Cycling) to use ridewithgps.com to prepare and print maps.  And I'm trying to induce the ridewithgps programmers to improve the flow and function of their site to make it easier to use.  The two go together.

Finally I have tabs for news feeds from a couple of bicyling related news sites:  Pez and Velonews.  I converted these from the old Mohawk Hudson Cycling club web site and they come in handy from time to time so feel free to look in on them.

Having retired from ten years of running a bike club web site with user sign ups, publication of articles by users, forum postings, forgotten passwords and email addresses and constant (I DO MEAN CONSTANT) attacks by hackers and spammers, I am not enabling user registration or comments on this page.  It's my blog, if you will.  If you have anything to share with me use this email link.  Thanks and enjoy.

By the way, Gay's web page is at sculptandprint.com


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