Riding Mileage from 1990 to present

My wife says my tombstone will have a scrolling display of my bike logs.  To which I say, nahh ... (1) my will calls for cremation and (2) no way you will get power out to the tombstone to drive the display on any lasting basis.  So, this web page will have to do.

Going WAY BACK I've logged my running and bike mileage in various spreadsheet, in a product called SportsTracks, and on the Ride With GPS web site.  Before 1990, I mostly logged running mileage though the 1980's were a period of dual running and biking for me.  Knees being what they are, the running part bit the dust after 1990.  And, I don't have good biking data before 1990 and won't bother you with speculative data.  I do know that I peaked at over 2000 running miles a year in the early 1980's but I was younger and more fanatic then. It's fascinating stuff isn't it?

The first file is annual and monthly totals going back to 1990: Annual and monthly summaries back to 1990

The second file is detailed day by day rides that were logged from 1990 on: daily mileage

Both open in whatever PDF reader you have installed.