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Sculpture, Prints, Mixed Media and Facial Reconstructions

Exploring the Why of Being
What is remembered of a person when he/she has died.
Disquietude: A sense of foreboding,
anxiety, agitation, angst......
Others take your story and exchange
their thoughts for yours.
Shadows walk: Nothing is fixed in time or space.
What is, isn't. What isn't may be.
Does life imitate art, or does art imitate life?
The "Theory of Everything". A complete, unified,
and consistent description of the fundamental
structure of our universe.
We are constantly rising and falling
and losing bits of ourselves.
We are tied and bound to each other.
How are we defined and by whom?
How will we be remembered--does it matter?
There are different ways to "be".
If you live long enough
everything will happen to you.
The many outward appearances of the self.
Thoughts on society and its impact.
An old technique that exchanges silver for graphite.
Facial reconstructions and other work done
while employed at the New York State Museum.